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  1. Roof Installer
    Roof Installer
  2. Window/Door Installer
    Window/Door Installer
  3. Siding Installer
    Siding Installer
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If you're in Odessa, Midland, Andrews, Stanton, Big Spring, McCamey, Monahans or other neighboring areas in Texas and are on the lookout for top quality roofing installation, siding installation, seamless rain gutter installation, custom window installation, metal building installation, or other related services at very reasonable prices - you couldn't have come to a better place!
CT HOME IMPROVEMENTS is a locally owned and operated customer-centric company dedicated to providing top-notch home improvement services at very reasonable costs. From roof replacement/repairs, to window replacement, you can always be sure you are getting the very best value for your money. No matter how big or small your property improvement needs may be.

Since 2010, CT HOME IMPROVEMENTS has been providing superior personalized home improvement services at truly competitive prices to residential homeowners throught Odessa, Midland Tx and other nearby areas in the Permain Basin.

As the trusted home improvement company Midland TX homeowners, realestate agents, and insurance agents turn to for fast, reliable, quality home repairs, roof replacement, siding replacement, seamless rain gutter instllation, custom window installation. We make sure every home we touch gets the outstanding attention to detail and superior workmanship it deserves. For us noting beats the fulfillment we feel every time we see the smiles on our clients' faces once we show them the finished project.

When you come to the seasoned roofing and siding experts here at CT HOME IMPROVEMENTS, you are always certain to get the top-notch personalized service that truly aims to deliver tailored home improvement solutions that perfectly suit your needs as well as your budget.

  • Roofing Installation and repairs
  • Custom window replacements
  • ​Seamless rain gutter installation
  • Siding Installation
  • Related home improvement services
- you can always be sure you're getting the very best value for your money no matter how big or small your property improvement needs may be.
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"Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock; and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock."
Mathew 7: 24-25
  1. Siding Installation
    Siding Installation
    If you are trying to spruce up your old house, or you're just flat out tired of painting. Give us a call, we offer many different types of siding installations
  2. Roofing contractor
    Roofing contractor
    We offer a full line of roofing services. Roofing repair, roofing installation, roofing designs & free roofing inspections. In Midland/Odessa TX and surrounding areas.
  3. Seamless Gutter Installation
    Seamless Gutter Installation
    Whether you are trying to catch rain water for plants or just keep it from running off in certain spots. Rain gutters are always a great addition to any roof.
  4. Custom windows
    Custom windows
    Installing custom energy efficient windows is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Not only to the save money on heating /cooling. they cut down outside noise as well.
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